Best Countertops in Zionsville, IN

Best Countertops in Zionsville, IN

If you are in search of the best countertops for Zionsville, IN, look no further than Olympia Stone. Zionsville’s quaint, small-town feel has persisted through years of development in part because of the beauty of many of the historic homes and buildings in the area.

Olympia Stone offers high-quality countertops that can improve the look and value of your home, and in this post we’ll go over some of our most popular materials and countertop solutions. We know our customers well, and we strive to provide exceptional customer service in helping you select a beautiful countertop for your Zionsville home.

Granite Countertops

Many homeowners love granite countertops because of their natural beauty, durability, and remarkable heat resistance. Olympia Stone offers granite from many different providers, including Calia Stone Boutique, Global Granite, Mont Surfaces, and more. Because there are so many different styles and patterns, it’s relatively easy to find one that matches your kitchen or bathroom decor. And because granite countertops are also resistant to scratches and stains, they’re a great solution for high-traffic areas.

One slight disadvantage to granite countertops is that they sometimes require additional maintenance and sealing in order to preserve their appearance and longevity. Granite is also heavy, so it may require additional support during the installation process.

That said, however, granite looks wonderful with a variety of cabinet colors and styles ranging from traditional to hyper modern. Granite’s undeniable beauty and durability mean granite countertops can be a solid investment for any home, including yours!

Quartz Countertops

Homeowners interested in a relatively low-maintenance countertop often gravitate toward quartz because of its durability and the variety of colors and patterns available. Unlike granite, quartz is a man-made material comprised of pulverized quartz, resins, and certain pigments, resulting in a hardy, nonporous surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and bacteria growth. In terms of aesthetics, Olympia Stone offers several different brands, such as Caesarstone, LX Hausys, and Vadara.

Like granite, however, quartz can be more expensive than other materials, although it’s not as heat resistant as granite. But because quartz countertops are man-made, there’s no need to coat them with a protective sealant, and they can be easily maintained with basic care and regular cleaning. Quartz countertops also pair well with both traditional and modern decor styles, and they make a great addition to bathrooms or kitchens.

Other Options for Stone Countertops

When you want to achieve a classical or luxurious look, stone countertops are a great option. In addition to granite and quartz, Olympia Stone also offers marble, slate, and quartzite countertops, as well as other stone materials like onyx and soapstone.

Stone countertops are highly durable and resistant to general wear and tear, and they can look amazing with a diverse variety of decor styles. The more porous the stone material, however, the less suitable it may be for high-traffic areas. But overall, stone countertops can bring a whole room together and give a living space a warm, luxurious feel that also adds significant value to the home.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Countertop Solution?

Don’t settle for the cheapest or quickest solution for your Zionsville home. Visit Olympia Stone today and browse an extensive collection of high-quality granite, quartz, and other stone countertops that would look great in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space.

With a wide range of options from which to choose, you will surely find the perfect countertop to complement your home’s style and decor. Take the first step toward upgrading your home by visiting our website and requesting a quote today!

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